I’m Guillaume, a Parisian using photography & video to capture individuals turning mud into gold. Be it the burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, the drag queens superstars Miss Fame & Violet Chachki or the Vogue dancers of the House of Ninja. I am drawn to those free spirits who are molding unconventional existences and are challenging us to dream. Those who carry a magic torch in the world: artists, freaks, gender benders, nightlife creatures, actors, musicians, dancers & performers.

My work is all about transformation, entering the fantasy and re-enchanting this world. What mask are you wearing today? What story will we create for the persona? Who do you want to be? I celebrate your difference, your uniqueness, your extravagance, your creativity and your self-expression. 

I am always on the look for characters, people reinventing themselves. Through photography and video I collect those precious gems, they are the living proof that magic is real. 

However, for the vision to come to life one needs sacred tools: the artifacts they use for their metamorphosis bewitch me. For instance, high heels elevate more than your own height… It is this understanding of the body and its sublimation that has lead clients -such as Christian Louboutin- to invite me to art direct and shoot their beauty and shoe collections. Sophistication, fantasy and authenticity… with a skittish splash of je ne sais quoi: that is what I am after.